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Digitalization disrupts old means of working and unlocks untapped potential for the recruitment industry. As a result, recruitment systems make HR-departments more effective, save more time and further increase candidate communication in unprecedented ways. For us, it is a given to continue building a tool that provides the best opportunities for effective recruitment and positive candidate experiences. In addition, we also provide a tool that supports competency-based recruitment and adds business value to your organization.

Having the right competencies is the most important factor for organizations to thrive and survive in the marketplace, which is why recruitment has become a critical factor for reaching your organization’s goals, and not be lopsided by your rivals. With ReachMee we provide you with a powerful tool for securing your organizations position in the marketplace, by bringing the right talent to you.


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Event Based Recruiting

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Tests and Selections Directly in the System

Powerful Reports

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Fully Supported Collaboration Tools


A Safe and Secure System

Over the course of our 15 years in the recruitment industry, we have seen how recruiting and the hunt for talents have changed, and how technology has come to integrate into the business. We have, in collaboration with our clients and based on their demands, developed a recruitment system fit for the highest requirements.

  • We are an experienced provider and developer of ISO-certified support systems for HR.
  • Data storage and management in Sweden.
  • We have been picked by – and work actively together with – organizations that have high demands on security and knowledge.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Our development is based on insights from more than 450 clients’ challenges and demands, as well as our predicaments about the future demands of recruitment systems. This work includes everything – from smallest details that makes the everyday day work easier to the most powerful functions that generates true business value.

We think that innovation is all about creating a system that you can trust. A system that works great, day after day. Therefore, we invest constantly in ReachMee so that we can ensure a great experience each time you use the system. Some examples of this are:

  • Ability to event control and automate the recruitment process.
  • Powerful support of collaboration, even for users without login.
  • Use ReachMee on your smartphone thanks to fully responsiveness.

Focusing on the Big Picture – Highly Satisfied Customers

We are happy and proud to say that we have a large base of loyal customers, something that we attribute to always having the larger picture in mind when developing our system. Every day we strive to improve our work so that ReachMee will be the self-evident recruitment tool for not only HR – but for recruiting managers and candidates. To keep up with our strive we make sure to listen to – and develop for – everyone.




Your HR-department will appreciate the user friendliness and power of our system. Its flexibility allows you to take recruitment challenges head on and, in addition, you also have the support of a specialist, ready to answer any questions, at every step on the way. Our HR-users appreciate the tools for creating and saving templates for themselves and the recruiting managers, to be able to present key metrics through powerful reports and to work on any device, be it on the phone, tablet or PC.

The Candidate

Nowadays, candidates apply for several jobs at the same time – increasing their demands on ease of applying. Candidate experience is as present as the recruitment process as we develop our system. Optimizing the touch points in between is the key to unlocking a positive experience, something that is true for both the system as well as user friendly and neat career pages; where the candidate can apply directly using their LinkedIn- or monster-profiles. In addition, we provide HR with tools to ensure that each candidate receives sufficient feedback and a good dialogue.

Recruiting Managers

As a recruiting manager you are faced with highly varying experience of- and time for recruitment process. The recruiting managers appreciate support tools, that help them manage the recruitment processes as smoothly and effectively as possible, included in ReachMee. The possibility of participating in the process and leaving feedback on candidates. Our new function; Candidate Display, lets HR smoothly forward new candidates to recruiting bosses, who can get a quick overview and rate them on the run.

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