Recruitment Through Social Media

Used correctly, recruitment through social media can be an effective way of reaching qualified candidates. You’re made visible and can reach potential candidates where they are located at this very moment. By making it simple for the candidate to apply with you, you strengthen your brand. It’s no longer about the candidate having to actively seek out your ads – your ads should reach the candidates wherever they are. LinkedIn today has over 313 million registered members, a number that is constantly growing. Recent graduates represent the most rapidly growing group on LinkedIn and in 2012; 5.7 billion searches with a professional link were registered.

With ReachMee Recruitment, you’ll get the help you need to successfully work with social recruitment.

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The world’s largest CV database

  • Share and spread ads in the social media channels where your candidates are located, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Integration with LinkedIn enables direct publication of the job ad from ReachMee Recruitment to your own career pages on LinkedIn.

Increased exposure directly toward the candidate

  • The built-in email feature allows you to share job ads more anonymously and tip someone you know.
  • ReachMee Recruitment enables you to post your career pages directly onto your Facebook page.

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Advertise Right

It’s not only visibility on social media sites that’s important. Naturally, ReachMee Recruitment also offers the possibility of publishing your ads on several leading job sites. With a single click, your ad is published directly onto sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Blocket, Platsbanken, Metro, and many more. You avoid having to log on to many different sites and you don’t have to worry about forgotten or outdated ads.

Advertise Smart

ReachMee Recruitment also provides convenient and highly valued reports that allow you to easily produce statistics to show which job sites best suit your organization. Compare results from previous recruitments to see the difference between e.g. quality and quantity. It’s not necessarily the case that the page that generates the most applications is also the page that leads to the most employments. Minimize risk and take control over your recruitments. Read more about ReachMee’s report feature here >>