Quality Assured Selection

Some recruitments are more complex than others. Sample questions are often sufficient, but for other recruitments you may need more comprehensive information about the candidate. Competency-based recruitment adds a further dimension to the recruitment process and makes it easier for you to ensure quality. For complex recruitments, personality tests can be extremely helpful in order to further ensure the quality of the selection.

ReachMee provides you with the tools and support you need to succeed. A powerful and versatile recruitment tool that grows along with you, for both big and small organizations.

  • Sample questions: make the initial selection more efficient through sample questions and help with competency-based recruitment.
  • Competency-based recruitment: provides support for your recruiting employees and aids the selection process e.g. by providing interview guides.
  • Integrated skills and personality tests: the integrated skills and personality tests that we provide through our partners Assessio and cut-e offer you expanded support in finding the right person based on your requirement profile.GlobeSoft Phone Icon