Efficient Professional Feedback

ReachMee Recruitment provides support throughout the entire recruitment process and thanks to many smart features, it simplifies the process and work of candidate management for you and your employees.

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Let ReachMee do the work – automated processes

  • Automated responses to candidates maintains interest, boosts efficiency in the handling of candidates, and shows that you care, while also strengthening your brand.
  • Process folders give you an overview of where you are in the process and simplify the management of different stages of recruitment.

Recruit together

  • Professional feedback is made simple and efficient through templates that ensure quality throughout the entire recruitment, regardless of whether it’s handled by a rarely recruiting employee, manager, or an HR officer. Everything is automatically logged in the system and history is always accessible whenever you need it.
  • Easily build a CV database for future recruitments and ensure a future supply of talent
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Gain Overview of the Process

Complex recruitments and decentralized organizations require flexible and intuitive recruitment systems that can easily be used by everyone. Together with our customers, we have developed a recruitment system with a fully comprehensive range of features that works just as well for the selective HR manager as well as the rarely recruiting employer.

  • Invite as many people as you need and let them take part in selected parts of the recruitment process.GlobeSoft Phone Icon