Powerful Figures Generate Results

Diagrams and figures are useful and powerful tools for evaluating your work. Are your recruitments in line with the overall strategic goals of the organization? How is the gender distribution of your recruitments? Have you performed better than your set targets? The questions can be many, and with the help of the right, powerful figures and diagrams, you can get answers and heighten the quality of your work.

ReachMee’s recruitment system enables you to obtain the figures and diagrams that you and your managers need. The more information you feed into the system, the more and the better reports you receive. The limitations are few and you have the possibility to decide for yourself what’s important and what will help your organization develop.

  • Customize your own parameters and precisely view the information you need.
  • Simple and impressive reports that provide good basis for evaluation and development.
  • Improve and refine your recruitments by obtaining a better understanding of what determines your results.GlobeSoft Phone Icon

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