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The first McDonald’s restaurant in Sweden opened its doors in Stockholm, 1973.

Sweden’s most visited restaurant

The first McDonald’s restaurant in Sweden opened its doors in Stockholm, 1973. There were few then who believed that the concept would be successful, but today, no one can doubt their success. McDonald’s has nearly 16,000 employees who are directly or indirectly employed throughout the company within Sweden’s approximate 220 restaurants. These restaurants serve 435,000 guests daily. Although McDonald’s has grown to become Sweden’s largest restaurant, the need for recruitment solutions is continuously expanding. 40,000 applications are handled each year by the organization from which 3,000 new jobs are created.

“The bulk of our employees work in one of our restaurants, and in the past the most common application was done over the counter. Eventually, however, we reached a point where we needed a better solution to facilitate the administrative tasks and make the work with our recruitment more efficient.”

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Simple and neat with ReachMee

Even though many applications are done in the restaurant, McDonald’s still actively works towards getting more visits to their website and into their well integrated application form. The difference between applying directly in a restaurant and on the website form must be as minimal as possible, but while also ensuring that McDonald’s is receiving all of the important information from the candidate.

“There is a huge need for simplicity in order for everything to work well, for both the candidate and for those administrating the recruitments. ReachMee’s form is well integrated into our website and gives the candidate an enjoyable experience– both visually and efficiently.”

Development and flexibility

There is a constant need at McDonald’s for simple and fast solutions in order to recruit the right people. It requires flexible and developable tools that can be adjusted and customized. The dialogue between GlobeSoft and McDonald’s has therefore always been very open, and ReachMee’s recruitment tool has been adjusted to meet the new needs that have developed. Extended security and a more integrated design are two examples of adjustments which have been done.

“We are a portion of an extremely well-known, multinational company. It is important that what we do helps build and tend to our brand. Since we have been able to adjust ReachMee’s tools based on our needs, we can be sure that the tools have helped contribute to this.”

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The first McDonald’s restaurant in Sweden opened its doors in Stockholm, 1973.

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