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Clas Ohlson

Fast expansion and a large amount of recruitments
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From mail-order firm to international retail chain

Clas Ohlson was founded in 1918, in the form of a small mail-order firm, and has since its founding grown to a successful international retail chain. Today they have 4,500 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, China, and Dubai. The company, despite the rapid expansion, has been able to exhibit low employee turnover and excellent results in their staff surveys. In 1989, they opened their first store outside of Insjön, and today they have over 80 stores in Sweden alone. However, with this rapid expansion, grew also the need to employ people and simply and effectively handle the large amount of applications flowing in.

“Our fast expansion rate has made our recruiting needs enormous. We were in huge need of a system and solution which would allow us to streamline the extensive earlier administrative work.”

Fast expansion and a large amount of recruitments

The solution for Clas Ohlson became ReachMee’s recruiting module, which has made it easy for them to create a structure to handle their many applications and recruitments. Within ReachMee, Clas Ohlson has had the chance to build a large database which today is used during the recruitment of new candidates. The tool has even made communication with the applicants more simple and today they can handle all mass-emails easily and safely.

“ReachMee is extremely user-friendly and there are never any problems when letting someone new into the system. We truly appreciate the overview that ReachMee creates for us, where you can easily see an overview of the candidates, read comments, and see how the process is going.”

High quality throughout the whole process

During the last few years of rapid expansion, ReachMee has been able to help Clas Ohlson with ensuring quality in their recruitments. Thanks to a lengthy relationship and a continuously ongoing communication between GlobeSoft and Clas Ohlson, ReachMee has grown alongside them. This has made ReachMee a much more important and highly regarded tool which has been a part of the company’s ongoing journey.

“We can, thanks to ReachMee, be sure that our whole recruiting process is of the highest quality. We truly appreciate the close relationship we have with GlobeSoft and their ability to take our feedback and considerations into account. We receive fast help and answers to our questions if we ever meet a hurdle.”

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Clas Ohlson

Fast expansion and a large amount of recruitments

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