We offer you a smarter recruiting software that is simple yet powerful. ReachMee is the solution for organizations in every size and industry who wish to have a more effective recruitment process and improve their competitive advantage. Secure your next top talents today!

What are your demands in a recruitment system?

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Attractive career pages

In the ReachMee recruiting platform HR can easily create an unique career page with everything applicants need to know about the company. No need for previous technical knowledge and without cumbersome internal procedures. Maximize your potential to find the right candidate with an attractive and distinctive career page.

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A recruitment system for all

A system is not meant to limit you – it should facilitate your work. We develop and adapt ReachMee’s comprehensive recruitment platform to help HR and recruiting managers find and hire the right person. At the same time, ensuring the candidate experience with a simple application procedure.

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Automated processes

Focus on meeting the individual rather than administrative work. Manage large volumes of candidates, ensure a high-quality candidate experience and minimize your time to hire. Automate parts of the recruiting process and ease the work load for recruiting managers, HR and the applicant.

For the Entire Company – and Your Future Colleagues


  • Powerful, flexible and scalable process support for everyone.
  • Thoroughly defined processes, templates and automated flows for strategic as well as operative recruitment.
  • Modern communication and collaboration tools.

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Recruiting Managers

  • Easy to use, mobile and intuitive.
  • Templates, frameworks and interview guides for easy participation in the recruitment process.
  • Mobile functions with quick and easy evaluation of candidates.

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The Candidate

  • Smooth and easy application process.
  • Neat and intuitive career pages.
  • Integrated LinkedIn- and monster profiles for registration free applications.

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The Company

  • Strengthened employer brand with neat and user-friendly career pages.
  • Set and track internal and external demands and regulations.
  • Support for competency based recruitment to ensure the quality of your recruitments.

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Customer Success Stories  

Invest in a System that Helps You Find the Right Talent

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Automation that speeds up processes, saves time and increases the quality of your recruitment processes, while simultaneously ensuring a good experience for the candidate.

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Competence validation through tests and selection through competency framework directly through the system decreases the risk of unqualified candidates.

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Powerful, visual and easy-to-read reports help you read and track key metrics and help you increase the quality of the recruitment process over time.

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Better communication and results thanks to support and specially designed functions for collaboration between HR and recruiting managers.

Why ReachMee? 

Let us show you ReachMee recruitment system

Finding the right talent is crucial to achieve sustainable success. That is exactly what ReachMee recruitment system will do for you- thanks to that companies can increase their competitiveness and growth. We are happy to show you the system, schedule a free demo today!


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